Thanks again to the hundreds of dancers who pass through our studio doors each year. In spite of so much that is great – you, our gifted teachers and musicians, and beautiful studio – a month ago, the outlook for our wonderful class was bleak. It really was clear that the time had come to recharge, renew and rethink. Since then, I have received many supportive emails and had talks with concerned dance citizens. So much love and support. Yes, some time is needed to meet, explore, raise funds and plan. But I am willing, once more, to jump in. It’s vital for you to have the class; a class in which everyone can grow, be inspired, express, communicate, sweat, stretch and let go. The class does need a fresh commitment that will encourage survival and that, at the same time, will help fulfill your needs and give you great enjoyment.
We will go on . . .

I am happy to announce that GMD will re-open on April 18, ready for everyone, including all the students finishing their semesters at our professional training programs.

We will run, as usual, until June 29.
We will be off in July and will be back for the months of August and September.
We’ll see how things go during that period and take it from there.

Until then, some morning classes will be taught by Johanna Bergfelt. Please stay tuned, as other classes at CCDT will be announced shortly.
With gratitude

16300540_1401186446590037_923098617957999432_ophoto by Robin Buckley