Drop-in Modern and Contemporary dance training
for intermediate/advanced students and professional dancers in Toronto

The teachers at GMD want to support you as you strive to fulfill your goals. We believe that dancers should spread their wings and take in a variety of training approaches. By doing so they can develop the depth and range that will best prepare them to meet the ongoing challenges that working with a variety of choreographers will offer, and that will give them tools to develop their own work. GMD has gathered a group of many of the city’s most acclaimed teachers and choreographers, so you can experience an assortment of tastes, colours and textures that will help you develop your versatility, build strength, and trigger your imaginations.

The 3-class (usually) structure gives you the chance to have a rich experience of a teacher’s movement ideas, and it gives the teacher a better chance to know you. Of course, we also encourage you to drop in for a single class whenever you can.

As we encourage diverse training, we support other organizations that offer different teachers with different approaches, places like TDT, Dancemakers, Dance-Teq, Metro Dance and the Love-In.

We believe dance class is a place where you can grow, take risks, get stronger, share energy, have fun, let go, gain confidence and so much more. Your passion, energy and optimism are what make dance in TO vital and essential.

We look forward to seeing you…Kenny