Darryl C Tracy

Tuesday, January 6 to Thursday, January 8

509 Parliament St. @ CCDT

10:15 to 11:45 am

Darryl C. Tracy

Darryl is co-artistic director of Four Chambers dance projects. He has choreographed over 25 works for performing arts programs at universities and schools, and for companies in Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick, and the US. He is on faculty of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre and Dance-Teq. Darry has taught master classes across Canada, the US and Europe. He has danced with Montreal based Sylvain Émard Danse and has appeared in the work of more than a dozen choreographers including Michael Trent, Holly Small and Heidi Strauss.

I began dancing in my heart at a very young age but more seriously as a professional dancer in my 20′s. Being a dance artist and a neurological physiotherapist, I like to create a class that demands the dancer access to the whole body and mind. For me, class is a time to explore movement necessary for choreographic explorations and for performance work. My center class includes a series of exhilarating movement combinations that develop strength, articulation, balance, control and focus, and that explore the senses and the imagination.